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Erinaceous \er-uh-nay-shus\, \ɛ.rɪˈneɪ.ʃəs\, \ˌɛ.rəˈneɪ.ʃəs\

1. Of, pertaining to, relating to, or resembling hedgehogs
2. John Watson (See: Martin Freeman)
"Is Martin Freeman erinaceous? "

"Yes: he laughs, he cries and then rolls himself into a little prickly ball and hibernates for the winter."
by callmeamanda June 05, 2012
Prickly or bristly manners.
Erin was erinaceous so no one wanted to be around her.
by K8888888888888 October 31, 2007
Totally inane and incomprehensible state of mind; often mistaken for being "stoned"
"I'm feeling very erinaceous today"
by EloiselovesErin April 26, 2010