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Meaning with beastly descent.Mostly visualized by wolves and lions.Mostly looked in visual with much courageous aspects.Many legends are depicted from it.
Achilles him self was a true depicted erhan.(er-hen)
by Professor Martin February 26, 2008
A word scholars believe to have relativity with the word "Legend".To use the word as an adjective,the word must pertain to a great symbol of achievement,that somthing will be remembered for.
Look at that accuracy,hes built for erhan.
by cartographer February 27, 2008
Meaning with great compacity to be not afraid.
To be able and out-stand any threat.
A true Hero,and worriar aspect.
Damn,you must have erhan in your blood.
by Dr.Specialist February 25, 2008
A Turkish male name.
It is formed from the two words er (soldier) and han (ruler).
The most common meaning used is brave ruler/han/khan, but also merciful, good, just ruler. Another meaning is heroic soldier.

Pronounced sharply as ( Er-Han ) in Turkish.
To English speaking people it can be pronounced as ( Air-Han ) - or ( Er-on )
" Hello Erhan. "
" Hello. "
by Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein March 10, 2013
dried semem that attaches the uncircumsized penis to the extra skin.
Ellie you know whatI can buy to can all this Erhan off?
by Kevin Wong January 21, 2008