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N, V, Adj, Prep; The Plural of Epic
Epocity is so epic it is the plural of an adjective, not a noun
by EPPYS February 24, 2010
means the same thing as epicness but sounds cooler, also the only word that can stand as its own sentance
Eg 1) The pure epocity of the moment can not be explained just felt.
Eg 2) Eroc- how did you feel about todays waves at the octagon?
Jeff- Epocity
by eroc43 April 19, 2005
Epocity is the state of being epic, so epic, that at the time of the event that causes the state of epicness, things in the world flip out, like 3G service not being able to keep up.

Also spelled Eppocity: the extra "p" being for the overwhelming state of being epic.

Side Note: If men named Mikey and Kyl are creating Epocity in your vicinity, do not approach, engage, or challenge, cause you will look like a loser, or become one.
There's so much epocity, my 3G can't keep up.

That pong team has so much epocity, we should stay away.
by sublimemonster September 03, 2010

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