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A slut (a tool being a male reprodtive organ, a shed being a place to put it.
Andrea is a toolshed
by eroc43 April 19, 2005
a girl who talks about her good qualities without saying them directly, or one who fishes for compliments, orgin from sunni and jackie they did it a lot.
Jackie is always talking about how good her hair looks
Yeah she is such a sunnijack sometimes
by eroc43 April 19, 2005
A mix of freak and addict, Used for girls who want to do sexually wierd stuff and want to do it all the time.
My girl friend and I did it 5 times after she dared me wear her dress, she is becoming a fraddict
by Eroc43 April 27, 2005
means the same thing as epicness but sounds cooler, also the only word that can stand as its own sentance
Eg 1) The pure epocity of the moment can not be explained just felt.
Eg 2) Eroc- how did you feel about todays waves at the octagon?
Jeff- Epocity
by eroc43 April 19, 2005
Driving for the simple pleasure of going down the freeway at high speeds and switching lanes often cutting off cars, best down in large cities between 2-4 pm and between 7-8 pm where there is lots of cars but not stopped traffic.
We got bored and had a half a tank of gas so we decided to go switchin down interstate 10
by eroc43 April 18, 2005
or railin, To be going fast or faster than someone else. Most of the time used with cars or motorcycles, it implies that you are in such control that the vehicle feels as if it is on rails
I was railing down the freeway at about a hundred switching lanes
by eroc43 April 18, 2005

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