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A type of measurement used in association with Epicology, used to study the Value of one's Epic-ness
1. The epicosity of you shooting that guy in both eyeballs from 100ft is pretty damn high

2. A 'Sean Connery' is the maximum level of epicosity
a) Chuck Norris = about half a Sean Connery epicosity.

3. Prepare for Maximum epicosity!
by Kyle Browning October 22, 2007
noun: an extreme amount of epicness
The epicosity when he held onto a car while riding his skateboard was huge
by tuckerjack48 September 24, 2010
Noun - A generic term referring to a land inside your head where everything you think is cool is compiled together as your own personal kingdom.
"only in Epicosity could I jump off this cliff and crack the earth a mile below and still be unhurt enough to kill chuck Norris' evil brother and save a baby hippo."
by pseuphonisticik psychoponaseo April 04, 2013
Being at the state of pure epicness. To obtain epicosity, you must be as legendary as possible.
Zak's amount of epicosity was much higher than Tara's.
by Tarasayshello April 27, 2013
The meaning of all life. Epicosity makes the world go round, it's what puts money in your wallet, and it's what puts prostitutes in your bed. It's what makes Chuck Norris so fit and tone.
"May the Epicosity be with you my young apprentice."
by xrfgtsdsd May 25, 2008
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