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(Epic-nih-city) Having the property of being extremely epic. For use on those extreme situations where simply "epic" won't suffice.
Man, last day of snowboarding for the season, hiking Blackcomb peak in a t-shirt, not a cloud in the sky, beers in the sun apres, getting fresh powder lines in April!?! Complete and utter Epicnicity.
by Craig Kalnin April 24, 2006
The amount of epicness in any situation, object or thought. Measured in Epunits.
Mike: Dude, that guy just got hit by a car going like 60 mph!
Harold: Yeah, so, who cares.
Mike: Well, he was thrown like 30 yards and landed on his feet.
Harold: Dude! The epicnicity of that must be off the charts!
by [Garebear] October 09, 2008
The emotion achieved from something being epic.
Rachel: I got into Soul'd Out, that really awesome a cappella group from Wilsonville High School!
Dan: That is like the epitome of epicnicity!
by misterfister15 August 09, 2010
Super freaking epic.
I was left speechless because of the epicnicity in the incident that just happened. IT WAS REALLY EPIC.
by chndxxc3 July 16, 2011
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