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The amount of epicness in any situation, object or thought. Measured in Epunits.
Mike: Dude, that guy just got hit by a car going like 60 mph!
Harold: Yeah, so, who cares.
Mike: Well, he was thrown like 30 yards and landed on his feet.
Harold: Dude! The epicnicity of that must be off the charts!
by [Garebear] October 09, 2008
•The number that comes after 197,401 and before 197,403.

•The number given to the 1974 February edition of Desert Magazine.

•A typhoon that swept along the east coast of Asia and was also given the name Amy.

•A bug/virus created to affect the Linux system.

•The ID for a house sold by Tozer Real Estate Limited.

•The salary given to an O-9 Military Grade.
190,463.7479790997615224 ÷ 0.9648521695783212 = 197,402
by [Garebear] February 19, 2009
The largest can of any consumer drink you will ever find.
Thank you monster.
Jerry: Dude that guy just chugged a BFC and had a heart attack!

SAWyer: I believe it, their huge.
by [Garebear] February 17, 2009

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