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Like megalolz but a lot more epic.
P1: Ah man, that guy was megalolz!
P2: It was more than mega, it was epic!
P1: Epiclolz then!
by SamsGFX March 05, 2008
laughter to an extreme power
<internet nerd> YOU'RE GETTING TROLLED SO BAD NUB, l2p!!!!
<random bystander> i'm gettin some epic lolz from this nerd.
by Elementjay1 July 19, 2009
An adjective describing ANYTHING. This can only be used when said described object has a characteristic similar to two Chuck Norris round-house kicks colliding with three FALCON PAWNCH!es. Very few things achieve this.
That man with a chain-gun riding a cyborg raptor with a chain-saw arm is EPICLOLZ!
by Niroth December 24, 2008
something that makes you lol heaps, or makes you laugh epically.
dancing kitties make for epic lolz
by annieisradderthanalex December 12, 2008
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