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A cardigan designed for, and worn by males.
Quite popular in the indie scene.
P1: Nice cardigan
P2: I'm a guy and its from Topman, its a manigan
by SamsGFX February 04, 2008
An all guy sleep over/slumber party.

Used in place of sleep over/slumber party to make the night ahead sound less gay and more of a manly thing to do.

p1: Hey, you coming to my all guy sleep over tonight?
p2: Don't you mean man over?
p1: Of course, what am I like?
p2: lolworthy
by SamsGFX February 16, 2008
Like megalolz but a lot more epic.
P1: Ah man, that guy was megalolz!
P2: It was more than mega, it was epic!
P1: Epiclolz then!
by SamsGFX March 05, 2008
Anything original/unusual/extravagant etc etc. Anything that isn't normal.
Coined by my friend, its gonna be a new word that'll spread the internet, you saw it here first!!
Dude, the border on that siggeh was mad kerchiger
by SamsGFX December 08, 2006
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