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A horrible and fatal disease when someone is using the word "Epic" constantly in every way possible or out of control.

This may also lead to and "Epicleptic Seizure."
Nerd: Dude, that movie was so epic that I am going to go on 4chan tonight and epicly describe how epic this epic movie was..... Epic.

Casual Guy: Did I just witness an Epicleptic seizure?

Casual Guy 2: Epiclepsy is horrible buddy. See what it does?
by InfrasactureMaster March 04, 2010
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When you are capable of being so shocked and amazed when you see something extremely epic.
Man 1: OMG! Look at that epic explosion!

Man 2: I can't, I have epiclepsy.
by awesomneshmang December 21, 2010

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