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The mental and emotional state of a disenfranchised, ethnic immigrant man living in the USA after he finally hooks up with a hot white girl.
Bystander 1: Who is that?

Bystander 2: Who?

Bystander 1: Over there. That calm soul sitting, meditating beneath the pine tree.

Bystander 2: Ah! That is Amin.

Bystander 1: Who is he? He looks so peaceful and at one with the world around him.

Bystander 2: Yes he is. In fact he is a state of enwhitenment. He is the Enwhitened.

Bystander 1: I see. How did it happen?

Bystander 2: I don't know. There are so many legends. Some say it was at a frat party. Some say it was in the backseat of his taxi. I've heard one version that he met her on OKCupid. There are many schools of thought.

Bystander 1: Indeed, there are always disagreements on these things.

Bystander 2: Indeed, thus is the folly of man.
by WORDSMAKER January 22, 2013