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Making an addendum to an initially highly contrived lie to make the initial assertion seem more true, yet which ultimately has exactly the opposite effect.
I didn't fall off my bicycle accidently, I crashed it purposely to test the durability of the handlebars.
by Farkity McFarkfark May 26, 2005
Doing something stupid in public for which you are ridiculed by bystanders, yet you proudly claim, "I meant to do that!" in an effort to avoid shame.
That kid on the skateboard totally enuratiqued himself when he crashed and burned in front of those chicks.
by The_Liver May 26, 2005
One who attempts to make a fool of the establishment,but instead makes a fool of themself.
Did you see how quick that stunt got him banned? What an enuratique.
by Plastic Soul May 26, 2005
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