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A black male or female who has his or her own business and makes good money doing it. Usually someone who is a person who sells out of their trunk of their car replicas of Coach, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton or makes clothes and sells them or makes burnt CDS and DVD movies, or does hair out of their house before they are licensed, etc.
Dede is an entrepronegro at the age of 16 by hookin' up her friends hair at a discounted price so she can pay for self to get her hair and nails done and gas money for her ride.
by De De September 06, 2006
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entrepreneur: noun
origin: french
definition: one who assumes the risk of a business or an enterprise

entrepronegro: noun
origin: street
definition: one who creates opportunity when one does not exist
An "entrepronegro" does not have the luxury to assume the risk of a business and/or enterprises because he and/or she does not have access to the resources an "entrepreneur" would. Therefore the term "entrepronegro" is earned solely from a burning desire, creative genius, and laser focus that it takes to see ones dream become a profitable reality using little to no resources.

Lewis Lattimer: entrepronegro, Inventor
Tyler Perry: entrepronegro, TPS Studios
Sean Carter: entrepronegro, Rocafella Records
Bejamin E. Mays: entrepronegro, Educator
David Anderson: entrepronegro, Entrepronegro International
Reginald Lewis: entrepronegro, Beatrice Corporation
Curtis Jackson: entrepronegro, G-Unit Records
Earl Graves: entrepronegro, Black Entreprise
Sean Combs: entrepronegro, Bad Boy
Bob Johnson: entrepronegro, BET
Denzel Washington: entrepronegro, Actor
Spike Lee: entrepronegro, Film Maker

and millions of other men and women that go recognized and unrecogized.
by the entrepronegro December 02, 2007
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