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The correct and original, but unfortunately obsolete, spelling of the word most commonly spelt now as enter.

- From Middle English: entren
- From Old French: entrer
- From Latin: intrō/intrā (inside)

Entre has been spelt as enter for several centuries now, even in the United Kingdom, although British English still retains its 're' ending for many words such as centre, fibre, spectre, theatre, calibre, sombre, lustre, and litre.
1. My favourite Metallica song is Entre Sandman, from their Black Album.
2. Sir, you can't entre the building from this entrance, unless you have proper identification.

3. Entring people's homes, uninvited, is so rude!
4. I was unaware that I was about to have a surprise party, when I entred my house.
5. Every time I entre an aeroplane, I get all anxious.
by garbaggio July 29, 2014
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Fancy or good, or an attempt to be fancy or good
That's a pretty entré shirt that you're wearing today!
Your shoes are so entré today!
by 2ndHour March 17, 2015

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