A person who is used to getting their way no matter what. A person who will not take no for an answer.
EB: I want my poodle gold plated.
X: We cannot gold plate poodles.
EB: I will not rest until I have complained to your manager, the president of your company, your mother, your poodle, your best friend and every person in this establishment until I get my way.
by Amber E. May 05, 2005
Top Definition
Person (male or female) who are under the impression that they are the ruler of the world... or at least the establishment they are getting service in. Basically a person who expects to get what he wants in a store, restaurant, etc., with no regard to policies or laws.
B: I had the shittiest customer this morning!
C: What happened?
B: She expected me to take her friend's credit card, and when I told her I legally couldn't do it, she bitched me out and called over my manager screaming that she'd never shop here again!
C: Sounds like a classic entitlement bitch to me.
by em May 02, 2005
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