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Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful.

Taken from the Latin surname and common name Ennius meaning "predestined, favorite (of God)."
Your such a Ennio, I love you!!!
by lanancy39693 November 02, 2010
A very hot, kewl guy. But he is a jerk and a player. For some girls, he is irrasistable andhard not to love. He plays you and then breaks your heart.
Person 1: He is such an ass, but he is sooo sexy!
Person 2: Well, of coarse, his name is Ennio!
sexy hot funny cool player
by BoyLover2000 June 28, 2011
a really fucked up stalker, crackhead and con-artist in the city of Toronto, Ontario.
Man, Ennio is one sketchy motherfucker.
by Nunya15243 December 09, 2006
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