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A small city in Oklahoma located in the northern part of the state. It only has about 50,000 people and is one of the most boring places you'll ever visit.
That place is an Enid
by Greg March 03, 2005
From Daniel Clowe's Ghostworld character Enid Coleslaw.

A disaffected nerdy-but-stylin' girl with a slightly retro fashion-sense. Black-framed glasses and short dark hair common. Never blonde.

Marcie from Peanuts and Velma from Scooby Doo can be considered precursors to the Enid archetype.
Jonny's completely in love with an Enid he saw at the Weakerthans concert.
by Luis June 21, 2004
The name of a starts used by ancient sailors to guide their way to the Caribbean. Rigel & Alfenix were also guiding stars.
Also the name of beautiful girls, tall, blonde and light eyes. Have nice body with curves.
Sailor #1- I don't know where to go anymore.
Sailor #2- Follow the Enid and the Rigel and we'll get there.
Boy #1: What's her name?
Boy #2: Enid, I think, she's new this year.
Boy#1: Dayum! That explains why she's so hot.
by iloveFLo9 April 16, 2009
New slang for an uberly buff and cool girl/boy/thing. BuffEnid is also a common variation of this.
OMG, Tallulah is such an Enid!
OMG, Bob is sooo BuffEnid!!
by BuffEnid February 08, 2005
A common term used for girls who; give head frequently, are abrasive, and are the unwanted 'life' of the party. Also known for professional home-wrecking.
"Dude, Enid's here"
-"You know what that means?"
"Yeah, she's gonna bitch me out, then give me head later"

"Omg! My new boyfriend is SO cute, did you see him?"
-"Not yet, but don't tell Enid!"
by stackingcrabbypatties January 03, 2012
Australian slang for lying irritating manipulative fat little creature...
"That Enid is fucking annoying?"

"stay back man, that's an Enid!"
by Dishius maximus May 23, 2010
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