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to hang/chill on your own or with other people
'wanna come and cotch at my house tonight blad?'
by BuffEnid February 03, 2005
A word to describe some reaaally ugly person. It has come from the words crusty and butters, combined to make the word 'crutters'.
Erggggh that boy is crutters. He must have hit every branch on the ugly tree when he was born.
by BuffEnid February 08, 2005
An overly buff boy who is friends with some ugly people.
Jaffe is over buff. I wanna shag him!!
by BuffEnid February 08, 2005
New slang for an uberly buff and cool girl/boy/thing. BuffEnid is also a common variation of this.
OMG, Tallulah is such an Enid!
OMG, Bob is sooo BuffEnid!!
by BuffEnid February 08, 2005
An overly buff girl, who is not a slag/sket/hoe/jesse but a respected member of society :)
WC boy 1: Wooooh, that girl is over buff, who is dat girl?
WC boy 2: Shes an Ursuline girl. Shes so buff!
WC boy 1: And she doesnt give head.
WC boy 2: Ooooh I wish she did!!
WC boy 1: But i respect her, coz she aint no sket.
by BuffEnid February 07, 2005

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