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The act of giving a man a handjob with the pinkie finger extended, as though drinking a cup of tea. Alternatively, performing fellatio whilst holding the man's penis in this manner. Drinking the results is optional but strongly suggested.
Dude, I walked in on my roommate the other day; his girlfriend was giving him the english tea.
by Vic 3B January 09, 2008
The British slang form of tea bagging,or blow job, more acurately it is to suck on one mans testicles
Janine gives me the best english tea
by dominicos January 07, 2006
Desgusting to the point of suicide

(goes well with krumpets)
"Philly almost commited a crazy suicide, by jumping into a pool of razor blades covered in lemon juice and tears!"

"all because of English Tea!!!"
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
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