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The region of a man's anatomy that includes his cock and balls.
Dr. Cox (from TV's hit show Scrubs speaking to his ex-wife Jordan): I know you. You’re gonna walk into that board room tonight, all tall and strong, and then you’re gonna sit back and just pray that nobody asks your opinion. I mean, I’m sure you-you probably think that your little visits here are a spontaneous surprise, but, did you ever wonder why the only two candles that I own are already lit when you walk in that door? I mean, doll, I hate to tell you this but, I don’t walk around all day with cologne down in my engine room. I’m not that guy!
by PonderingWillow July 16, 2008
9 2
something an amos craves
Amos was drooling over Engine Room again.
by Amos January 27, 2004
1 11