A website dedicated to parodying mainly popular things on the internet, in the style of Wikipedia. Stuff they have articles on include memes and macros, amongst others. They also have articles on chatspeak, popular websites, and usergroups. Their articles usually contain little actual facts, and make little to no sense IRL. The site has been bashed for many reasons, due to it's innapropriate, borderline porn-site content, and making fun of topics often seen as serious. They mean it when they say they "do it for the lulz" (which is a popular phrase with users). However, the site was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, as many people will probably tell others who seem enraged by it. However, many also view Encyclopedia Dramatica as "going too far", because many times they not only parody certain topics, but spam and hack websites relating to that topic and post their content and opinions on there, too. They even poke fun at certain users on certain websites, these users often furious at what is said about them.
Personally, I find some of the content on ED (as it is commonly abbreviated) funny, even hilarious at times. However, some content does seem offensing if it bashes things I like or do. If this happens, I just remind myself it is only a website, and proceed to do something else. I know it sounds corny, but that's my advice to you if you are ever pissed off by that site. Remember, if you hate someone, but they haven't done anything illegal, you can't get them arrested. Same goes for ED. If you can't handle ED, you shouldn't look on there, and if you can't avoid it, then throw your modem out the window because you can't handle the internet. Note, however, that users who are parodied on there may experience different emotions due to users often flaming them when they object.
ED even has an IRC chat room, but I am a noob therefore I do not go in it. You might wanna though. I have no idea what's in there and no intention of finding out.
Another thing, if you are squemish or offended easily by pictures, do not go on their either. Almost every page links to a page with a "disturbing" pic.
I bet the people from Encyclopedia Dramatica will give this definition thumbs down because it says not to take it seriously.
by UDArticleMakerandorEditor June 27, 2007
For tards by tards
Jim: Did you hear about that encyclopediadramatica site?

Jane: Yeah, Isn't that site for tards by tards?

Jim: Yeah, I think so.
by redefine186 April 21, 2010
A little boy who got AIDS early in life decided to create a website dedicated to using the five insults he knew (Fag, bitch, whore, emo, and retard) on as many people as possible. The site has since been carried on in his memory, under the name of "Encyclopedia Dramatica", by sympathetic hordes of people who had all grown facial hair, but deep down inside still only knew the same five insults.
"___ is an unfunny Fag Emo Whore who needs to become An Hero"

-Typical Encyclopedia Dramatica article.
by Nynomaous January 29, 2008
Satans version of Wikipedia.
1.Encyclopedia Dramatica makes Carlos Mencia look like a genius at comedy. (Its that bad folks)

2.Encyclopedia Dramatica is to comedy as KFC is to chicken.
by realistic person January 27, 2008
Where homophobic, racist, sexist and whinny trolls reside.

Commons users of this pathetic site include:

- Virgins
- Losers
- Whiners

Feel free to visit this website if you have nothing to contribute to society.
I googled fail cosplay and it led me to the Encyclopedia Dramatica which led me to their definition of 'women'

'Women' is mispelled as 'wimmin' because users of the site have only seen them in porn sites.
by Ilikestrawberryandvanilla July 27, 2010
From a christian perspective it is all of the sin in the world put onto one website. Absolutely filthy and disturbing, the images that are put on this site should never have existed. The least productive website on the face of the earth. Absolutely pitiful
hey lets go to the worst website in the world. Encyclopedia dramatica
by jack johnny jill jane joe jake October 17, 2009
a mismash of wikipedia and urban dictionary, except that virtually all traces of urban dictionary's contributors facts, wit, humor and writing skills have been erased.
encyclopedia dramatica is a pretty shitty website that lampoons everything on the internet, without having a single trace of anything remotley funny ever written on their own site, much like something awful
by online handle October 09, 2006
If Wikipedia was written by people so unfunny they couldn't even write for SA, this is what it would look like. Every article is written exactly the same, there is nothing funny on the entire website, it is only browsed by stupid kids who cream their pants when they see some other stupid kid saying something bad about a show they don't like. ED editors are always hypocritical. They'll say calling others gay is lame, but then turn around and say every band is gay. They try to gain attention by acting like their attached to 4chan, but most /b/tards (over 14) don't like ED.
OMFG Encyclopedia Dramatica made fun of System of a Down! LOL that part was great, although I'm going to ingore the part where they make fun on my favorite comedian Carlos Mencia.
by ForcedAnonymous December 17, 2006
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