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Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a wiki formed by LJDrama people who were writing Wikipedia articles about LiveJournal incidents, but found that such content was deleted. They started their own wiki to document online drama; hence the name.

ED is loved or hated. Those who "get" it treasure it like old issues of MAD Magazine. Those who don't get it, such as fans of funny-wiki Uncyclopedia, disparage it at length.

Articles on ED fall into several general types. (View with caution: NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

(1) Internet people: ED documents many Internet users and their online activities. Targets include users of LiveJournal, MySpace, DeviantART, and Wikipedia, as well as sexual predators, and actual racists. (Mediacrat, Tay Zonday, Chris Forcand)

(2) Public train wrecks: Like a tabloid, ED documents and mocks offline people, groups and events that are deemed worthy of ridicule. (My Chemical Romance, Lindsay Lohan, Carlos Sousa Jr.)

(3) Internet terms: ED documents Internet sites, culture, lingo and memes, often in a fairly factual manner. Included are many 4chan memes. (So i herd u liek mudkip, Profit, YTMND)

(4) Hate articles: ED takes on and caricatures a racist, sexist, homophobic, sanctimonious, and frequently outright insane perspective. (JEWS DID WTC, Rape, Furry)

(5) Shock images: ED houses many noted shock images. (Goatse, Offended, 1guy1jar <-- Careful, you can't un-see them.)
A: "I saw the most horrible thing ever at Encyclopedia Dramatica. I'm scarred and offended."

B: "That'll happen."

C: "I saw the funniest thing ever there! I laughed 'til I cried."

B: "That'll happen too."
by GtotheT October 09, 2009

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