A website dedicated to parodying mainly popular things on the internet, in the style of Wikipedia. Stuff they have articles on include memes and macros, amongst others. They also have articles on chatspeak, popular websites, and usergroups. Their articles usually contain little actual facts, and make little to no sense IRL. The site has been bashed for many reasons, due to it's innapropriate, borderline porn-site content, and making fun of topics often seen as serious. They mean it when they say they "do it for the lulz" (which is a popular phrase with users). However, the site was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, as many people will probably tell others who seem enraged by it. However, many also view Encyclopedia Dramatica as "going too far", because many times they not only parody certain topics, but spam and hack websites relating to that topic and post their content and opinions on there, too. They even poke fun at certain users on certain websites, these users often furious at what is said about them.
Personally, I find some of the content on ED (as it is commonly abbreviated) funny, even hilarious at times. However, some content does seem offensing if it bashes things I like or do. If this happens, I just remind myself it is only a website, and proceed to do something else. I know it sounds corny, but that's my advice to you if you are ever pissed off by that site. Remember, if you hate someone, but they haven't done anything illegal, you can't get them arrested. Same goes for ED. If you can't handle ED, you shouldn't look on there, and if you can't avoid it, then throw your modem out the window because you can't handle the internet. Note, however, that users who are parodied on there may experience different emotions due to users often flaming them when they object.
ED even has an IRC chat room, but I am a noob therefore I do not go in it. You might wanna though. I have no idea what's in there and no intention of finding out.
Another thing, if you are squemish or offended easily by pictures, do not go on their either. Almost every page links to a page with a "disturbing" pic.
I bet the people from Encyclopedia Dramatica will give this definition thumbs down because it says not to take it seriously.
by UDArticleMakerandorEditor June 27, 2007
The nazis of the internet. They lash out at anything and anyone, but they do it for the lulz, so it's all good.
Teh lulz are above even the spagetti monster, and Encyclopedia Dramatica proves this.
by TeleIce September 27, 2007
If funny were to dig it's self a grave on the internet, Encyclopedia Dramatica would be it's graveyard.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is about as funny as reading an article in your newspaper about 37 infants being stabbed to death in the hospital that's 4 miles away from you.
by BaneTK January 19, 2008
A former comedy site. Used to be a good satire of everything Internet-related, including itself, but the massive amount of /b/tards turned it into a pile of troll bullshit, worshipping 'the lulz'(AKA douchebaggery) and hating on women, homosexuals, and furries. Now little more than 4chan's bitch, constantly following it in every of its actions. Has been known to cause the destruction of quite a lot of lives. As in IRL lives.
And if you feel bad for anyone that has been trolled, then you're a butthurt emo gay moralfag who BAWWWWWWWWWs. If the trolled person happens to be a woman, you're also an anti-lulzy White Knight because they're all 'asking for it'.
Hilarious, I know.

You can still notice old stains of funny in their article on deviantART, provided it hasn't already been completely ruined by trolls as you're reading this.

"<insert name here> is an emo gay Jew nigger furry faggot attention whore that should an hero." -Average Encyclopedia Dramatica article
by One who wants the Old ED back April 22, 2009
The herpes of the Internet. It just doesn't go away.
At least 100 years ago, over 9000, niggers, watermelon, gratuitous antisemitism, 4chon, 1justin, lulz, encyclopedia dramatica is legion
by &#1089;&#1086;&#1102;&#1079; December 30, 2007
A website that is home to many trolls many of which are self righteous assholes where little to nothing can meet up to their prissy standards. No internet culture can have a forum, imageboard, or website without one or more of these guys complegtely losing it all over and start meaningless, whiney complaints all over the fandom or interest of others.

Not a single one will tell you, but they are all the weeaboos, furries, emos, and gangstas they all flame and burn. They all claim what they all bitch about is all is so horrible that they have no choice but to watch it all and then go bat shit when something doesn't quite tickle the log shoved firmly up their clenched asses. To stare at things they don't like, bitch and gripe about it on the internet, and then do it again is all these no-life slimeballs can think about doing. It is not uncommon to find some nerd there who can name 101 emos who commited suicide or recite 2, the Ranting Gryphon's rants by heart. It is plain common sense, however, that no one hooks up their internet, turns on their computer, logs in and opens up a broswer, slips on a fucking banana peel, and ends up watching girls eat their own shit and not want to.

They're even reading this webpage too, and in the next month or two, their going to post it on EA, and then go on and on about how every detail of it is BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Overall, it is an idiotic, shitty website that is now virus infested, so you can go see how much these teenage losers hate Christianity, brown people, and all those furfags.
"You see what five of us wrote on Encyclopedia Dramatica about that one girl with terminal cancer, no legs, and permanant dysentery? What a hoot!"
by Orpheus109 December 29, 2008
A deliberately-offensive wikipedia parody that is often criticized on Urban Dictionary despite the fact that most of the criticism could easily be said about Urban Dictionary as well.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is full of racism, bigotry, lies, trolls, hate speech, misinformation, losers, misogamy, bad jokes, lame 4chan shit, nerds, attack articles against random people, lewdness, indecency, immaturity, and all-around hatred.

Urban Dictionary (here) is full of racism, bigotry, lies, trolls, hate speech, misinformation, losers, misogamy, bad jokes, lame 4chan shit, nerds, attack articles against random people, lewdness, indecency, immaturity, and all-around hatred.

(Neither of these sites are meant to be taken seriously.)
by no name~~~~~~~~ January 18, 2008
Quite simply, the lowest form of life on the Internet, if not the Earth itself. A group of hate mongers that stir up controversy in the name of the "lulz" (Which is their sick little idea of "humor" and "entertainment").

For the most part, this is mostly the way the site comes by the majority of It's content, since creating worthwhile content WITHOUT creating the drama they do takes more ability and originality than they clearly possess.

The site itself is basically a glorified shrine to trolls the internet over, and the concept of hard trolling overall.
All of which occurs from behind the safety of their supposedly un-pingable website, since they're such the internet tough guys they are by doing what they do, then hiding behind "anonymity" (a word they tend to overuse a LOT).

There also seems to be no place they won't go on the internet for the sake of garnering content for their pathetic unimagintive site pathetically low ranking site through trolling and drama making.

But if you like such mindless drivel as the Jerry Springer show, you'll probably love the even more mindless content on their site, and the people behind the screens there as well.

I understand they are contemplating a name change for their site from "ED" to "Special ED", since there Isn't a regular on there who hasn't failed special ed class.... twice. The total IQ added up between all the members of the site is said to total .25 (1/4th) of an entire IQ point.

These truly are the people that give scum a bad name.
In Websters Collegiate Dictionary under "Scum" it says "See Encyclopedia Dramatica".
by VVhy? August 04, 2007

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