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A site that consists of pathetic, immature, childish, attention-wanting losers so desperate to express their illogical, exaggerated opinions. Their aim is to make the viewer and internet surfer laugh in hopes of achieving some significance to the people by making crude, retarded, and ignorant articles, yet in a pathetic way, they're articles actually amuse some. Every article has stupid opinions, false facts, and their own references in defining who or what they choose to criticize, lampoon, and ridicule. Funny thing is, all of these hurtful things are actually true about themselves. Fueled by their stupid motto "In Lulz We Trust", the members of this ridiculous site are empowered by the anonymity that they must attack whatever they find funny, interesting, or news worthy.
Encyclopedia Dramatica-In Lulz We Trust
by XxXxXxXxXMikeXxXxXxXxX February 18, 2012

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