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A cool Turkish guy, not a rapist, often a thug/gangsta. Often mistaken for a Mexican and/or Hawaiian. While Emres may claim to be European, they are undisputably Asian or at the very least Middle Eastern. Dresses like a preppie to disguise the inner gangsta. Packs a 9 mm so don't fuck with them. Emres are the coolest Turkish homies you'll ever meet.
Me: Yo wassup dawg?

My Turkish Friend: Not much bro.

Me: Aight, I'm down wit dat Emre.
by Emre Ozguven April 04, 2010
The most amazing drumma ALIVE!!
tom: omg, do you know emre?!
jake: no, who's that?
tom: only the coolest person ever!
by wldstyldrumr November 28, 2007
(n) An awesome Turkish person.

(v) Meaning "pwned".
(e.g. That kid is such an Emre)
(e.g. That kid just got Emred)
by Felix Pantheras January 27, 2011