Empathy is like sympathy but suggests an even closer relationship.
Sympathetic people try to be understanding and compassionate, but people who have empathy feel that they are inside someone else's mind and emotional being, feel that they are the other person for a while. They live with and share the other's joy, sorrow, pain, fear, love. Readers are often empathetic toward (identify with") one or more fictional characters.
by Luddz June 06, 2015
One of our human weaknesses and one of the contributing factors to today's conformism. Something that tears us down and brings past memories to the surface through a vicarious experience.
"I empathize with your loss of tea, but that's your problem not mine. My empathy only adds to the prevalence of the matter."
by sexy miner January 20, 2015
Understanding someone else's anti-social predicaments.
Man 1: she's my girlfriend, but I don't speak to her.

Man 2: what do you mean?

Man 1: have some empathy.

Man 2: yeah, I'm sure she'll come around!
by Enrique Wilson April 11, 2015
Emotional Telepathy
I shared her feelings in a mind meld, she's depressed Leonard Nimoy Passed away. I now no longer wish to hold empathy.
by AUnknownSeaUrchin April 23, 2015
An infinity abstract scale, measuring internal expression of desired autonomy in an externally viewed world of invisible and undefinable interconnection.
Empathy: To truly walk in the shoes of another, those shoes must literally be on your feet.
by the superheroes December 04, 2014
another term for the total mind and body enhancement know to most as MDMA or ecstasy.
i can feel the empathy, its good, clean.
by the world.. June 09, 2006
Pretending to care about someone else's problems so they will like and/or trust you. Sympathy without commitment. A politically correct conversational side-step.
Well Bob, I imagine being blind makes seeing difficult for you. If I were blind it would be difficult for me too.
by Buttafoooko April 22, 2005
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