something/someone that is fantastic, in an emo way!
emo + fantastic = emotastic!! hahah get it?.... tehe.
"Wowzer. That photo is seriously emotastic."

"You put too many definitions on urbandictionary that relate to Emo. That makes you lame." "No, it makes me emotastic"
Top Definition
In relation to being emo in great amount; used when something is fanTASTICly emo.
That song is Emotastic!
by Jessica December 19, 2004
Something that is so completely filled with being emo, you have to comment on it.
Did you see the pictures on that guys myspace?

Oh, yeah. They're so emotastic.
by emmelie March 05, 2006
an adjective form of emo. used to describe something or someone who is great in the ways of emo, or is just great.
1. that lip piercing is emo-tastic!
2. Have an emo-tastic day!
by Ricki of MEC April 14, 2004
Merging "emo" with "fantastic"... Thus, becoming emo-ly fantastic... D'UH!
"CJ's hair is so emo-tastic!"
"The guy at the THRICE show with the Atreyu sweatshirt was so hottt and emo-tastic!"
by CJ of MEC April 25, 2004
A word combining EMO and FANTASTIC. A sarcastic way of explaining that one is depressed or upset.
Jack: "How are you today?"
Jane: (sarcastic tone) " I'm positively emo-tastic!"
Jack: "I'm sorry...what happened?"
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
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