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The process by which a normal kid turns emo. Often happens overnight and the kid shows up at school the next day and is all of a sudden wearing black and eye liner.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that kid, he has black makeup covering half his face.
Guy 2: Hes still undergoing emorphasis. He had to make a big statement the first day, but after a while he'll become integrated into their culture and learn how to put on the right amount of eyeliner.
by the p man June 17, 2007
9 Words related to Emorphasis
-large amount of
-to drown
-a loser
-really awesome
-i have an emorphasis of knowledge
-dude, you emorphasized your pancakes in syrup
-that guy was such an emorphas
-the party last night was the most emorphasized i've ever gone to!
-haha, she is such an emorphi
by kissing_koffins July 10, 2009
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