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A word that is the same both backwards and forwards. This is an improved version of the word palindrome, because unlike palindrome, "emordrome" is itself an emordrome.
I didn't have time to think about emordromes, as i sat and wondered, "Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?"
#palindrome #anagram #acronym #homophone #homonym
by MrBlonde267 April 18, 2008
a word, number, phrase, sentence, or full-length novel that can be read the same backwards and forwards.

an (arguably) better version of the word palindrome since emordrome, itself, is an emordrome.

variations to maintain the self-referential character include: semordromes, cimordromic, etc.
poop is my favorite emordrome.
#emordrome #palindrome #word #forwards #backwards
by candiru May 18, 2008
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