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after giving a guy a blowjob, the blower holds the cum in his/her puffed out cheeks, and slaps his/her cheeks to shoot a mouthful of cum in his face. (aim for the eyes!)

not to be confused with a super chipmunk surprise, where the blower holds the cum in his mouth to shoot at an unsuspecting individual.
my hugs called out his ex-girlfriends name as i was sucking his dick, so gave that asshole a chipmunk surprise.
by candiru June 26, 2007
a word, number, phrase, sentence, or full-length novel that can be read the same backwards and forwards.

an (arguably) better version of the word palindrome since emordrome, itself, is an emordrome.

variations to maintain the self-referential character include: semordromes, cimordromic, etc.
poop is my favorite emordrome.
by candiru May 18, 2008

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