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a great person with a sarcastic and sometimes obnoxious sense of humor. can be really chill or really dramatic depending on the moment. usually active in some form of art: performing, writing, etc. big on academics. usually an overachiever in school. can be a loner and just do stuff on their own. other times a huge social butterfly hitting every social event possible. loyal and treasures close friendships. usually busy, works alot, no time to rest. definition of an energizer bunny. does deal with drama or bullshit. comedic relief.
definitely had an Emony moment.

acting like an Emony i see.

name's Emony

Yoooooooooo just like Emony!
by Pseudonym8547 November 18, 2012
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Something that is "emo" like.
When hair is over the eye, it's emony.
by Sebastian, Lexx July 04, 2006
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