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A cross between emo and demonic, for they are actually one in the same. That's deep maan. Real deep.
Emo guy: "Oh man. Oh man. My girlbuddi just broke up with me. I think I need to lay in my closet for a while, listen to Muse, and slit my wrists to let my emotions out."

Normal guy: "Oh man. Oh man. You are so emonic...."
by Deinococcus Radiodurans June 28, 2006
v. 1. lyrics to emotional music (emo). 2. Description of how the "emo scene" communicates .
1. Heart wound healing's new album had some great emonics.

2. Kid 1 - you cut your wrists?

Kid 2 - yea, down the river and across the tracks.
by Dustin M. B. May 08, 2008
used to describe something that is/kinda is "emo".
Joe is SO emonic.

This song is kinda emonic.
by September 11, 2003
When electronics are not working properly or doing the complete opposite of what they are intended to do as if seemingly possessed by evil beings...
1 - "Damn Kyle, my cell phone deleted all my contacts again."
"That sucks Dave, friggin' thing must be emonic"

2 - "Honey!!!, the microwaves not working again"
"I know, damned things emonic, lets just get a new one."
by dark_steihl May 03, 2008
A new language / dialect born exclusively out of use of instant messaging protocols such as AIM or Yahoo instant messenger -- when the initial letters of words in a popular phrase are brought together to abbreviate said phrase. The word stems from the word ebonics -- an African American dialect made popular in urban ghettos.

Examples of emonic phrases:
1) LOL : laughing out loud
2) LMAO: laughing my a** off
3) OMG: oh my God
4) etc.
The quickest way to tell her how funny she was was to use the emonic LMAO. She got the point.
by Khalid El-Sayed November 26, 2005
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