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A cross between emo and demonic, for they are actually one in the same. That's deep maan. Real deep.
Emo guy: "Oh man. Oh man. My girlbuddi just broke up with me. I think I need to lay in my closet for a while, listen to Muse, and slit my wrists to let my emotions out."

Normal guy: "Oh man. Oh man. You are so emonic...."
by Deinococcus Radiodurans June 28, 2006
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used to describe something that is/kinda is "emo".
Joe is SO emonic.

This song is kinda emonic.
by September 11, 2003
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A new language / dialect born exclusively out of use of instant messaging protocols such as AIM or Yahoo instant messenger -- when the initial letters of words in a popular phrase are brought together to abbreviate said phrase. The word stems from the word ebonics -- an African American dialect made popular in urban ghettos.

Examples of emonic phrases:
1) LOL : laughing out loud
2) LMAO: laughing my a** off
3) OMG: oh my God
4) etc.
The quickest way to tell her how funny she was was to use the emonic LMAO. She got the point.
by Khalid El-Sayed November 26, 2005
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v. 1. lyrics to emotional music (emo). 2. Description of how the "emo scene" communicates .
1. Heart wound healing's new album had some great emonics.

2. Kid 1 - you cut your wrists?

Kid 2 - yea, down the river and across the tracks.
by Dustin M. B. May 08, 2008
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When electronics are not working properly or doing the complete opposite of what they are intended to do as if seemingly possessed by evil beings...
1 - "Damn Kyle, my cell phone deleted all my contacts again."
"That sucks Dave, friggin' thing must be emonic"

2 - "Honey!!!, the microwaves not working again"
"I know, damned things emonic, lets just get a new one."
by dark_steihl May 03, 2008
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