people who don't have a life,
they tend to go in circles in conversations with/about "emo" kids.
THEY ALWAYS .....ALWAYS go by fucking stereotypes. Most "emo" haters actually has a friend that is "Emo" or they are secretly "emo" thierselves when they go home. they like using lines like "You guys think your diffrent but your just like every other "emo"." though, by diffrent the "Emo" kids(the non-poser ones) actually me DIFFRENT FROM YOU! Emo kids do have thier flaws but, ey who doesn't? back to the EMO haters. They tend to love constantly talking about everything they hate about emos(perticular,mostly,usually,almost always GUYS/BOYS) wether it be a band, which they will stereotype (of course), Sexuality,the hair, pants, eyeliner ect.
They claim that "emo" kids are so annoying but, they should know (i dont think the REAL emo kids are annoying) That they are MORE annoying then they claim the "Emo" kidds are. THEY NEVER SHUT THE FUCK Up!
it's stupid, move on with your life. there is way more important things than devoting your every waking hour hating "emo" ppl.
Emo kid: Man i'm starving i think i'm going to buy some fries for my tummey! :)

Emo hater: ugh emo kids and thier fucking food ugh

Emo kid: O_o umm, okay..

fucking emo bitch, your not the only one with problems!

Emo kid: O_o Umm because, I don't want to cut myself? You ask wierd questions. AND, i never said anything about problems. I'm just going to eat now..umm

Emo hater: *interupts* DAMNMITT go listen to My chemical ROmance FAG! LEave me ALONE!

Emo kid: umm, WHO? Stop ordering me around okay? i just met you. & your the one who started talking to me! O_O


Emo kid: No thanks:] i'd rather go eat now so if you exscuse me...

Emo hater: FUCK YOU!Your just so stupid little cry baby*interrupted*


Emo hater: FUCKING EMO KIDS!!! AAAHHHHH*foams at mouth**

Emo kid: *grabs pepperspray*
by XxPunkkette_bitchXx December 10, 2008
Some one who has a lot of sense. They tend to be in a place with alot of emos. They either hate the emo music or the emo kids.
Emo Hater: Holy Shit they're fucking everywhere
Emo Kid: OMG Why do you hate me, you don't know what i've been through. I broke my Ipod yesterday.
Hater Hater: I hate you because you're a rich annoying bith.
Emo Kid: I'm so sad i have to go cut my self!!!!!!!!!
by OreoxKid June 22, 2006
There aren't actually that many emo haters. Those that really are tend to be hardcore metal or punk types who believe that emo music has bastardized and ripped off their genre. Even then, thats more towards the music than the emos themselves.

The reason emos accuse people of being emo haters is that they either:
a) have a victim complex, and want to make it seem that their life is difficult, when in fact it is not, or
b)they want to be seen as so non conformist and rebellious that there are groups of people dedicated to hating them.

Actually, the majority of people don't care. No, we don't think you emos are original, and that goes for both your style and music which are both incredibly derivative. But that doesn't mean we are all the homophobic arrogant emo death wishers you wish us to be.

Those who do speak of emo holocausts/genocides probably have way to much time on their hands, and shouldn't be taken seriously. Do you know how many people hated on the original punks of the 70s? Do you know how much shit the Sex Pistols got? But they didn't bitch about it anywhere NEAR as much as you people do.

I mean come on guys. There's a war on. Several wars. And genocides and famines, not to mention global poverty or the AIDs epedemic. So emos, take a long hard look in the mirror and ask life really that bad?

Emo: Why do you hate us? Emo haters!
Punk 1: I don't hate you. I'm fucking bored of you. You aren't worthy of my hate.

Emo: Why do you hate us?
Punk 2: Look, just piss off.
Emo: See, you hate us and our whole subculture. You ignorant homophobe!
Punk 2: Are you on crack?

Emo: Why do you hate us?
Punk 3: Eh?
Emo: It's people like you that make our lives so difficult. We don't all cut you know! That's a stereotype.
Punk 3: I really don't give a fuck. No one does. Get over yourselves.
Emo: OMG you are discrimating against us! Emos are the new blacks!
Punk 3: Did you seriously just compare a largely middle class teenage subculture with several million people living all over the world, connected (in your eyes)only by their skin pigmentation? You racist little shit!
Emo: .....
by Charlotte101 May 21, 2008
just about anybody, next thing ya know emos will start cursing their own existance and blame god for being born an emo, and become emo haters themselves. Ritualisticly writing "i hate you i hate you i hate you" on their bathroom mirrors with the blood of their pinky coz they're too pussy to actually get themselves to cut their wrists
emo:*mumbling to himself like the fucktard he is "the pain of eternal darkness bursts from my heart like the zit puss of a melancholy one-eyed, one-legged, one-balled cockroach"
,*bumps into another guy coz he's too busy decaying with sorrow.
guy: watch it fag.
emo:*takes the remark like a stab to the heart and starts noticing today's field of negative emotions surrounding his lonely entity from emo haters all across the galaxy and begins to attempt stabbing his ear with a pencil that is unluckily unsharpened then begs for death to take his lowly existance and acknowledges his infiriority
...its about time pal, join the fucking club
by Mushroom hugger February 23, 2007
An Emo hater is someone who has no life and decides to pick on a different group just because their different. Emos don't always cut themselves, don't whine about their problems, or listen to bad music. Not all Emo guys are homosexuals either. Emo haters are just another type of hater who pick on someone they don't like because they have nothing better to do.
Emo Hater: Look at that emo faggot.

Emo kid: Whatever.

Emo Hater: Do you cut yourself?
Emo kid: Does your dad touch you?
by Noneofyourbusinesswhore November 07, 2011
A type of stereotype who thinks they know everything about emo kids, when they obviously don't. They typically think all emos cut themselves and go on and on about how horrible their life is. People who cut are called cutters, not emos. Another common stereotype is that they are always sad and upset. wrong. I know many emos that are happy most of the time. In my opinion, emos who cut (and tell other people about it), are sad all the time, and write poetry every chance they get are just posers looking for attention.
Emo Hater: Haha! Look at that emo kid! Hey emo, go and cut yourself because of your last breakup and go write a poem about it.

Emo Hater groupies: hahahaha.

Emo Kid: What a stereotype.
by Cadin <3 December 13, 2008
The hate for EMO's, their music, culture and anything that is outside the realm of what they think is "normal".

Narrow-minded people such as Jocks, Thugs and Idiots that can't deal with anything that they don't understand. They have no idea what being EMO really is and there ignorance makes them commit acts of violence, intimidation and harassment directed at EMO's.
Emo-haters like to beat up emo's because they are sensitive and usually can't defend themselves.

Let's get real drunk and go EMO bashing.
by xSeven<3 October 03, 2006
someone who has absolutely no respect for anybody else who is suffering from one of the worst mental diseases: depression. someone who cant feel empathy for someone else who is in extreme pain for reasons they will never understand
Emo Hater: that fuckin emo kid just needs to die
by on who feels the pain March 18, 2010
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