1People who claim they are emo, but really have no problems.
2 Horny bastards that think they can get a chick by acting emo
3 the idiots you see at an emo show jumping up and down ( we dont jump retard)
4 A person who looks up emo on the internet and studies there culture and says that they know emo band members.
5 last and least people who want to be emo so bad that you can tell thats not the (Natasha!)
this is what and emo poser sounds like...
<emoposer> I hate my life im soo emo i might cut
<real emo> uh ok r u going to the concert tonight?
<emo poser> idk i might be to busy cuttng. I might go though, beacause i LOVE to have fun!
<real emo> fun.....
<emo Poser> ya my football jock boyfriend might come with me!
<real emo> get fucked you stupid bitch.
by adri_</3 May 27, 2007
An emo poser is a fag who is trying to fit in with the 'emo style/label' thinking it is cool or whatever.
1. Purposely cut them selves over nothing or a small imaginary break up.
2. Download loud screamo music (even though they don’t know what they’re saying), google up the lyrics and relate it to their imaginary problem.
3. Attention seeker – shows everyone that they cut themselves.
4. Usually at the back of a gig looking depressed.
5. Cut themselves to look cool and to fit in because they have no other reason to
6. Hide away from everyone and make people worried when there is really nothing wrong
7. Have a stupid side fringe to purposely cover up their eyes of face
8. Hate the music they are listening to fit in with ‘the crowd’

Hence: These people usually have no life and sit around and sulk for no reason. They make up shit on the spot to get ATTENTION (Attention seeker), post luvo pictures of themselves at a weird angle with their hair in their face, uses a shit load of eyeliner to make them looked deprived of sleep, listen to screamo and have no idea what they’re saying but literally hate the stuff, pretending to cut themselves showing a ‘real knife’ with fake dye on it. Not to mention they draw in black pen and make little drawings of things that relate to death and stick them up places.

Stay AWAY from these people!
Emo Poser: Ugh i so hate my life and my girlfriend just dumped me for nothing.
Kid: MMkk...
Emo Poser: OMG i'm so depressed look what i did on the weekend - i actually cut myself, i'm going to commit suicide
Kid: Arn't those red lines that you used in english with a ruler?
Emo Poser: NO! I swear they're real
Kid: I'll just get a knife for you then
Emo Poser: *Run Away*
by SeekMyRevenge October 24, 2007
*A person who seems to claim that he/she is emo.
*Trys to get attention by showing thier porposly made cuts.
*likes the following bands:my chemical romance,fall out boy,or panic!at the disco and a few more.
*Is rich and really has no problems in thier life.
*ONLY hangs out with real emos(who eventually find out how much of a poser he/she are and rejectes her/him).
*Thinks that thier life sucks.
*Follows all the rules to emo style.
*would actually look up emo poser to prevent from being called one.
A real emo would act like themselves and not ALL emos are the same every emo has thier own differences the only feature that they share is having emotioanal feelings.
emo poser:RAWK ON DUDE
true emo:0.0 what the hell is wrong with u i thoght u were emo
emo poser:yea im sooo emo i think im going to cut myself
true emo:what the hell fuck u
emo poser:i thought u were my friend
true emo:not with posers
emo poser:*silence*
true emo:why don't u just go home and cut ur self deeper
emo poser:*silence*
true emo:poser.....
by Anna rodriguez July 02, 2007
A person who follows every single emo stereotype in the world. ie: tight jeans (black), sweaters (red or black), suspenders, converse, band t shirts, hats, jet black dyed hair, straight hair covering their face, long sleeves (to cover their "cuts")

they usually are someone who was cool one year and then the next they completely changed to be all emo. They shop at hot topic only and try to start new trends (hiking boots, platforms, gloves, etc). They try and act very smart. They wear scarves even in summer. They like to write depressing lyrics on themselves. They listen to depressing music and like to sing it to the world

they pretend to not care and they like to act all bad ass by piercing themselves or other masochistic things like that. They are EXACTLY the same as every other emo poser, so they should really just wake up and get their own style!!!

they also are most likely gay or bisexual or pretending to be.
"Why are you wearing your sister's jeans dude?"
"Oh, didn't you hear? I'm emo now."
"....More like emo poser! Go wash that dye out of your hair, go wear looser jeans so I don't have to see your junk, take that lame piercing out, bandage up your wrists, and wash that sharpie off your arm, you damn wannabe!"
by justaguy899 April 15, 2009
Someone who pretends to be part of the 'emo scene' just to fit in, when they have no understanding of the music or lifestyle.

An example of what an emo poser would write on their myspace blog:

'well im 13 and im emo, it turns out that i turned out to be emo last year i was always depressed because my bf keep breaking up with me so i started cutting myself i only cut myself wen i was depressed, if i do i might commit suicide, it kinda addicting so my emo firnd (she also emo) told me to stop cuting and my bf broke up with me...'
Theirs one up there ^^ Emo poser :P
by Lulu The Magic Telephone April 17, 2009
1. a discrace to emos worldwide.

2. an ugly, poser emo girl who has nothing better to do than cut herself horizontally like a pussy to get attention and call herself "emo", when she can just deal with her ONE problem, stop cutting herself and calling herself emo so people stop talking shit and maybe make more than ONE friend.

3. a girl that got her ass whooopeedd by someone sexy :)
sexy girl: "you dont even know what emo is"

emo poser: yes i do (shows horizontal pussy cuts)

sexy girl: SO? just cuz u cut urself doesnt mean ur emo

emo poser: "im emo, its just what i am"

by joe smith brown little girl November 18, 2007
A person, usually ranges from the ages 11-14, who tries to take part in the emo scene to be 'cool' or to 'fit in'.
Probably wouldn't be emo if all their friends weren't and it wasn't the 'trend'. Almost always likes pop emo bands like: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. More times than not lies about cutting and dying their own hair. Usually the emo poser has a mainstream twist to the emo look, because after all, they all are the same breed: trend followers. This means that the girl emo poser could be wearing a black polka dotted shirt with a long pearl necklas, but at the same time have the black and white blonde emo hair with lots of eyeliner and a pair of vans.
most of them are middle class white kids with no problems whats so ever.
emoposer: i like totally went to the sale at hot topic yesterday ^^ *giggles*
emoposer1: omg!!!! how awesome!!! i like, totally forgot!
emoposer: that's okay! im going back to the mall anyway *acts all cheery* WE could go together!
emoposer1: *flips the fringe* Yeah, okay. Cool ^^.
by maybexxsomeday May 14, 2007
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