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1 definition by suicidalgurl666

Someone who claims to be emo. Dresses emo and tries to act emo. They tell everyone how sad they are all the time. And really their life is going perfectly fine. They cry constantly and claim to be depressed. Most of them cut and always show people. They go up to people and would be like "omg look what i did last night" then they would start crying and would want the other person to confide in them.
Emo Poser: Oh my god my life sucks. *cries and shows friend wrist* look what i did!
Emo: Why do you always show everyone?
Emo Poser: I do not!
Emo: Yea you do, you even showed people you hate.
Emo Poser: I thought you were my friend!
Emo: I'm not friends with posers!
by suicidalgurl666 August 17, 2006
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