some one who becomes emo to fit in/be different/try to be an emo but they r not...........(not related but snaggle)
normal person-hey looser how many times did u cut today?
emo-shut the fuck up *raises arms showing fake cut marks*
normal person-hey fucker those arent real
emo-yes they are i hate my life!!!!
normal person-ur such an emo poser
by stevenhan123 September 17, 2006
1. Someone who tries their hardest to fit every emo stereotype just to be called emo. They pretend to like "emo" bands and styles because they think it makes them look cool.

2. A stuck up 12 year old that tries to act cool by copying emos.

3. A desperate guy who copies emo styles because they think they'll get all the girls.
emo poser: everyone look at me! i cut myself! i'm totally emo! i'm the most emo kid on the planet! Look how emo I dress.

person: uh.. sure...
by cheese pastry January 30, 2011
I've notice that there are a TON of kids walking around dressing "emo". In my school alone there are dozens of people going around saying that they're "totally emo" and that they hate when people try to steal their style. This just pissed me off and so I want to tell all those little fakes why they aren't really emo. If you fit into any of these categories sorry, you're just a poser.
1. You are not "emo" if you listen to faggy little bands like Fall Out Boy or people like Avril Lavigne.
2. You are not "emo" if you constanly brag about how emo you are
3. You are not "emo" if you don't know what emo means (btw. it does NOT mean emotional)
4. You are not emo if you shop at Hot Topic.

5. You are not "emo" if you like Disney stars. In fact you're not normal if you like Disney stars and you're not a nine year old girl.

6. You're not "emo" if you hate your life because your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you or your mom took your cell phone or something. It's not that bad you'll get over it.

7. You are not "emo" if you cut yourself. You just have issues.
8. You are not automatically "emo" if you have black hair with layers.
9. You are not "emo" if you are a guy who likes to wear eyeliner. Seriously, it makes you look like a drag queen.
10. You are an emo poser if your screen name consists of more than one X.
Example: XxX_LiFeXIsXPoInTlEsS_XxX
by Igetstabby August 01, 2009
Some fake girl/boy goes on google or bing and searches "scene kids" or "emo people" and stuff like that. They study the culture so much they over do it. Somebody who goes around school always talking about how thier life sucks. Wears ALLL black and nothing else, listens to rock bands but dont like rock music, and everything else thats so freaking noticable to being a emo poser.
the examples shows explain better-
1:School girl - Hey (name), why are you always wearing black nd stuff?
Emo poser - Oh I didnt tell you? im going emo.

2: *facebook* The emo poser puts as his/her status "My life feakin sucks, I stepped in dog poop, by bf/gf broke up with me, and i got yelled at by my parents for printing out a whole bunch of pictures of my favorite bands. Im gonna go cut myself now. should i commit suicide??"

3: Random student - EMO FREAK!!

Emo poser - So? i love being emo!!!!

4: Boy student - (friends name) why are you being so emo all of sudden? Are you turning emo???
Emo poser - Yea, im totally emo. Im always wearing black and putting my hair in my eyes. Wanna see my cuts? i wear jackets to hide them. Do you know fall out boy? They are sooo cool.
by rawrinaform August 04, 2011
a person who thinks that he or she is a pimp, but they really aren't. an emo poser will think that he or she has a large calf muscle, that and he or she will play alot of soccer. he or she will also listen to wannabe rock alot and try to show of to friends
an emo poser will also talk about friends behind their backs.
me: yo, sup
emo poser: dude, check out my CALF-MUSCLE, ITS HUGE!
me, talking to friends later in day: dude that emo poser is such a fag
by davidklein123 September 24, 2006
Emo Poser: a person that wears emo cloths and claims to be sad eve tho nothing bad is there lifes. a loving family, friends, no bullys, people think their hot and have nothing wrong with them they are just going through a faze and yes teenager reading this its called a faze maybe you will grow up and get a life or continue being emo and maybe make it into the music industry, scream and have emo tween girls stalk you :D
emo poser: im so sad even tho my life is perfect
by poopisnotgoodtoeat October 11, 2015
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