Beautiful, Funny, probably has a boyfriend, dark hair, has a small obsession with cats, likes music... a little bit, good friend, confident, kind, good student, smiler. :)
My Friend Emmy is a very kind person. She likes to have fun.
by Chorus Buddyyy January 10, 2012
Emmy is a very nice girl. She has self respect. Has brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a big o'booty. She's funny. She's very loyal to all her friends especially to her boyfriend. She's the type of girl you wouldn't want to mess with. Emmy can kill a bitch for the ones she loves. She's chill to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Her boyfriend is lucky to have her in his life. She is athletic. She's crazy, optimistic and gorgeous.
That girl has a big o'emmy.
by Big booty Bisho December 26, 2013
an award given to some really awesome people
like the Oscars
oG oh lordy i just won me an Emmy !!!
g das tight das tight !
oG yo know wat thats means!
g that u got mad skills yo !
oG damn straight !
by 0me October 14, 2006
Emmy is a nickname for Emily. She's a badass, but she has a soft side. She's a fangirl over a boyband. She's very close to her cousins. She has dark brown hair, blue dip-dye. She enjoys flipping people off, skating, spending time with her cousins, and modeling. She also has nice ass, tits, and face. Any guy would fuck her at any given moment. And she does like so be fucked hard.
"Dayum she's such an Emmy!"
"i would like to take that chick home, she's such an emmy"
by kat hemmings-clifford June 02, 2014
Skilled at the art of taking many large penis at once, to enjoy rimming dirty poop holes
wow, did you see the way that chick pulled an emmy, so many penis and dirty poop holes at onces
by NaNNeR March 11, 2014
Emmy (verb)- the act of committing a grave, unthinkable, otherwise avoidable sexual mistake with a whale of a woman due to total inebriation. A tragic event often ending with a morning wake up next to a 300+ pound silverback who's only feminine trait is her overwhelmingly potent vaginal fumes.
Clint: Dude do you really wanna do this?
Dan: I do what i does, cause its what i do homie..
Clint: umm ok man.. dont say i didnt warn you..

the next morning:
Dan: God damn it bro, why didnt you stop me from that Emmy?
Clint: ha
Dan: She wanted seconds in the morning, so i called my dad to come pick me up
by Mr.Ayestwood March 30, 2010
The act of making out with a chick and splooging your pants.
Preston: Splat
Emmy: Whats wrong
Preston: I emmied my pants
by John Stogie January 15, 2008
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