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to be extremely nervous, agitated, on-edge
Shit, that Asian home that we went to on our Etymology field trip last week made me so emma.
by Jennifer Leigh Edelson March 07, 2008
116 264
A bird well past a five pinter when the beer goggles are well and trully smashed. Only slightly better than one off the wrist
"well mate i am rat arsed and have tried everything tonight, looks like it will have to be an Emma"
by Jason Hackett October 29, 2007
222 388
stupid hoe
screws with pplz lives
thinks shes hot
but shes not
screws with everyone and thinks she can get away wit it
wooahh who does that emma chick think she is?
by ma-rk-1-2-3 January 19, 2009
85 261
A person who is an ugly chicken.
I am marrying one.
Freddy: Woah man! Here comes an Emma.

Billy: Run and hide.

Together: Arrrggghhhh!!
by Ashpee September 02, 2008
61 247
Lying moany git
Person who sucks up teachers asses
Makes out their life is harder than it is
Brags about what they have
1. "I never use my garage."
"Mine is only used for classic cars."
2. "Omg i hate my mum she bought me radley instead of prada."
3. "She was goin on about how the teacher hugged her again!!...Such an emma!!"
by hotbabeattheburgh.com January 30, 2008
270 489
mormon freak who follows all religious rules because god is watching... wants many kids and believes men are more worthy than women
i cant say that, its against gods wishes!!

quit being such an emma...
by Emily Harineerw August 22, 2008
36 261
A hairy homo-erectus who thinks they are above everyone else.
Person1: Wow look at that Emma!
Person2: What does it think it is
Person1: The smartest and most sophisticated thing in the world
Person2: Loser!
by Mr Spanish September 02, 2007
306 539