a ginger slag that is described as emma, this girl is not the sharpest tool in the box and needs ALOT of help. this girl can be seen in a mental home in the next five years, you can't miss her ginger locks and the amazing friends she hangs around with
'omg look at that slag, shes ginger aswell she must be an emma!'
by fanofgingers.com123 October 13, 2011
Emma: a ridiculously annoying snob who is the definition of a social climber. A bitch who drools over upperclassmen and people of higher social statuses. a very experienced attention whore who is shallow and unable to like people for who they really are. She does nothing but use people to get invited to parties and become more popular. in other words, She's a self centered wannabe who strives for attention.
Girl #1: that girl, she tries so hard to be friends with upperclassmen...

Girl #2: she must be an Emma
by aquaderp29 August 29, 2011
a bitch, who is really attractive, but ever so rude.

all the guys like her, and think she is hot but lots of girls hate her.

she doesnt ever care about anyone but her and her friends. one day she will like you, the next day she hates you.

plus she has really bad B.O, but no one has the guts to tell her.
oh my god, that Emma stinks! she needs some deoterant!
by zink699 June 24, 2011
by JayBeeBeatch November 06, 2010
smelly ass vagina, cunt bitch.
damn, my girlfriend has an emma, i had to go down there with some febreeze.
by johnholmes18 August 06, 2011
someone who loves taking pictures, very secretive, loves to tap and prod, generally really bossy and likes to organize everything to her liking, deep down stalker who follows people, generally filthy bitch!!!
Emma Fuck off

Flash ...... Fuck off emma
by bobbttttt November 15, 2010
Ow, that's my FOOT!!!!

This is the characteristic cry of the "Emma", also known as M&Ms, but that's a whole other story. hates her poofy hair, hates her height, hates horses (oops, typo) hates dylan and all of her perverted jokes and suggestive comments... is having numerous affairs with various men (how many? no one knows) is in between heaven and hell at the moment (also known as purgatory for those who have no knowledge of AP European history...you noobs) seeing as she cant keep her little hands to herself...wink wink...elbow elbow...nudge nudge...if you get my (our) drift...
EMMA also involves spending her honeymoon on the back of a galloping horse in the rain on the beach.
we love you emma! (je t'aime mon amie <3!!) (te amo mi amigo/sen~or) i'd say that we adore you, but then certain...LOVERS would get jealous, wouldnt they???
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying horse -- that's pegasus you dummy! -- it's EMMA!!!

I LIKE PI....AND M :) ;]u

What did Emma DO on that red beanbag???
do we REALLY have to ask?


Let's just say it involved Kyle...wait, scratch that, it INVOLVES Kyle...
by Dylkimlo January 24, 2010
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