The best girl to ever walk the planet. She usually has brown hair and brown eyes and is extremely awesome. She is usually attracted to older guys, and is always in the mode for fun. She knows how to chill and play video games like call of duty, and she is usually better than the guys at the games. She knows how to lift you up when your down, and she always has a smile on her face. She is never scared and it takes a lot to make her cry. She is one talented human being and knows how to crack a good joke. Some may say she has swag, but I say she's a total baller. She has the smile to brighten up any day, and can make all the gray skies go away. She has the best hugs and the warmest, deepest kisses. If you ever get to date one it's a true treat. She knows how to make the date enjoyable and fun, and will never bring you down. She is an athletic, fun loving girl. If you ever get the chance to meet one, she will blow you off your feet, or blow off other things. Emma is one of the best people ever.
Frank: Emma is amazing!
Ted: Back of the line, I was here first

Mary: I wish I was Emma.
Emma: Too late, I already am
by CrabCakes1 December 21, 2013
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The most gorgeous woman ever seen. Known to randomly throw out little adorable and hysterical one-liners. Very artistically talented. One who has no true idea of her true beauty, both inside and out. A very very special woman that has the love and admiration of a person willing to do almost anything for her.
Emma, you're the most gorgeous and wonderful woman I have ever met, I hope to be lucky enough to have you as a permanent part of my life, and I hope to be blessed enough to win your heart and be allowed to make you the happiest woman ever.
by Sekathra July 10, 2008
I REALLY hot girl who is REALLY funny and irresistable to all guys. You either want to be here or be with her.
"DAYUM man that girl is an emma"
"wow that girl is so emma i know i don't even have a chance!"
"every one likes emma"
by CrazyFunkyJunkyHat March 22, 2008
Derived from Germanic ermen meaning "whole" or "universal." Can also be used to describe a person who is fashionable, classy or just hot.
boy 1: "Dude, look at that Emma"
boy 2: "Yo, she is so hot..universally hot.."
by Merideth Dwight November 03, 2007
A rainbow child who is not afraid to stand up and be different, especially when all her friends turn to popular subcultures. Taken from the little-heard-of seventies cartoon show, Emma and the Defenders, an Emma is amazingly fun and loves all of her friends.
Wow, she's such an Emma- did you see her give that dictator a flower?
by every May 16, 2008
Rhymes with dilemma. Hebrew meaning is 'signifying greatness' rellyy cool.
oh em ge. how emma is that?
by ...Emma... October 28, 2006
The most breath taking girl in the whole world.I cant stop thinking about her but she doesn't even know me :)
I think about u every day
by im going crazy December 22, 2008
High-spirited intellectual who people think highly of. She excells in almost everything, but isn't too forward about it. Often called Lemma... she rarely remembers her weekends and knows how to hold her liquor.
Wow, I wish I could be more like that Emma.
by Lemma October 21, 2007

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