Worshipper of the badass wapper Eminem
Person :I <3 mariah carey
Person 2: *Drowns the person in mnms
Person 3: Hey look theres an Eminemist
by Slim Shazdy October 15, 2009
1. A rapper with tendencies to act like Eminem.
2. A worshipper of Eminem, Em, Slim Shady, and Marshall Bruce Mathers III.
Example 1:
Person 1: "Wow. He's just like Eminem."
Person 2: "Eminemist right there."

Example 2:
Person 1: "Rapping is so old now. Even Eminem's lost his power."
Person 2: *strangles Person1*
Person 3: *backs away* Avid Eminemist, huh?"
by Avid.Eminemist February 19, 2011

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