he was never a member of NWA, as has been stated here. its almost comical to suggest he was, seeing as to how it stands for niggaz with attitude, and the fact that they were out way before he rapped.
eminem, like any famous person, has false info spread about them.
by urthogie November 14, 2005
(Marshall Mathers)a muilty platnuim selling rapper, born in Detroit, associated with 50 Cent, D12, Dr.Dre, Obie trice, Proof, label- Shady/aftermath/interscope. He is the best rapper not only alive but of ALL time! He speaks his mind, and does'nt care about what people think of him, and thats why i like him, and he also has really good beats and hes very funny too. All the rappers who have had beef with Eminem (Ja Rule, Benzino ect.) must be really brave because Eminem is very talented at rap battles so he will always win and they need to understand that, and he will probibally go down in history as the best rapper ever!!
Eminem wrote the song mocking bird about his daughter Hailey
by vaniece October 25, 2006
The white people's revenge for Tiger Woods ruling golf.
Tiger Woods can get a hole in one, while Eminem can put a hole in twenty. (Twenty people... If you didn't get the joke)
by Antagonist November 09, 2007
Marshall Mathers is back in rehab for supposedly popping prescription pills that are sleeping pills.This man has been known for his drug abuse but he is not a drinker.While Hailey Mathers (his daughter) awaits for the day she can be with her father every moment instead of being with her step sister's uncle-Lainey's uncle.His life has been anything but normal but somehow he can keep it all together no more than a regular average human being like you & me.People hate him for his critiscism but you have to remember this man has been ctritised all of his life.He has become something most people of his lifestyle dream of but knowing dreams like that never come true.Give this guy the credit he deserves not the critiscism he's lived with all his life.
--everybody has heard of the real slim shady
by shadythangk-i'm his gurl August 20, 2005
marshall bruce mathers the third is only the most best and briliant mind in the world. allso known as slim shady and eminem. he has a beautifull daughter called halie jade briggs and a step daughter called layne.
he is curently maried to kim for the second time.
he has relesed 7 solo albums but allso has relesed albums with his group d-12 witch consists of him and five others.
hu ever rote that eminem was a choclate coated candy or wat ever needs to be shot thats blasfull. plus m&ms is splet like that not eminem....duh.
eminem is the most respected white rapper in the world and has the best mind fo rhyming ever!!
by damiens desciples July 13, 2006
A very talented and misunderstood rapper, real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers lll, He had a rough upbringing, his father left him when he was just a baby, and his mom was mentally ill with münchausen symdrome and used to beat him constamely, as Eminem admitted to in the 1999 interview with Howard Stern. He was bullied growing up, and one time he got beaten so bad he got a concussion and had to relearn basic skills slowly to regain his full consciousness, this experience was inspired by his song "brain damage". This is why Eminem is well respected, because all of his music has a reason, and comes from personal experience, but this is also why he is misunderstood, because people don't realize he is only speaking his feelings from his upbringing, he admitted this multiple times in his books and interviews. He didn't get a record deal until Dr. Dre heard his album the "Slim Shady EP" and instantly he got a record deal and instantly he became famous. Although Eminem was underestimated before he was famous, it took a lot of convincing for Eminem to win respect because of his race, but most people realize hip hop is a social political movement meant for people who grew up in the ghetto to find a voice through hip hop, like Eminem, not for specific races. Eminem is always real, never faked an accent when rapping, always respected the hiphop culture and black history and culture, he is now an iconic legend that will forever be known and continues to inspire many rappers.
Person 1: "do you think Eminem is only famous because he's white?"
Person 2: "no, many rappers now a days are white, and they are not even close to eminems fame, in fact Eminem is the only extremely famous and respected white rapper, people just want to pull the race card out on his because they can't accept that a white rapper is one of the best rappers."

Person H: "Is Eminem overrated?"
Person G: "no, most people don't realize the truth Eminem is speaking in his songs and instantly underestimate him, no rapper has gone as personal in their music as Eminem, no one has put as much emotion in their music as Eminem, take the misunderstood song "Kim" for example, his music is so personal, unique and timeless that it's untouchable, nobody has albums that unique, nothing that personal can be overrated, and adding on his lyrical ability makes him almost underrated, or extremely underestimated. Don't you understand? People want to hear VAGUE music, they don't want to hear the truth, that's why they stay stupid things like 'he's overrated' whichout even breaking down the things he is actually rapping about."

Person Y: "is Eminem a wigger?"
Person Z: "NO, he has always and still does respect black culture, he doesn't fake black accents and he respects cultural appropriation, that's why he raps in his own style, and even if he did rap in a black accent, he grew up in a Black community, so he has a right to, but he shows so much respect that he doesn't rap in a black accent."
by Madison P May 14, 2015
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