Kind of ugly but an overall nice person and usually likes to wear jeans and doesn't know if she is a tomboy or not
Emily: Am I a tomboy or a girly girly?
Everyone: a girly girl
by johnjohnjohnjohn6969 February 22, 2015
a girl who thinks she is amazing and beautiful. But - don't talk to her for too long, she'll trap you with stories and keep talking until you feel like covering her mouth with duck tape. That's ok though, she is usually very nice and funny, also kind of popular.
Jim: Hey I saw you with Emily - she has a really nice ass !

Bob: Emily is a hot girl but she wouldn't stop talking to me!! Although, it was pretty cool cause the whole time she never noticed me rubbing her boobs. ;P

Jim: Duuddee!! She is such an Emily! I have to find another Emily!

Bob: Why?

Jim: Duh! So that I can titty fuck her and she won't even bother!
by 20111..20293 January 04, 2015
A girl with a rather large arse, not too large that if you slapped it, it would shake until Christmas, but just large enough to make you dribble when she walks past.
Guy: mate she is such an Emily
by Ale hemming December 16, 2014
usually grows up to be a stripper because she couldn't mount to anything else
wow have you seen emily lately shes such a stupid slut
by bitchinprogress November 15, 2014
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