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A stealthy, discreet way of saying "them are some." Usually used to reference the large jugs on a girl without her knowing what men are talking about.

Emersom big ole titties.
Morty: Holy shit, man. Look at that girl!

Reggie: Wow. Emersom.

Girl with 34DDD knockers walks by...

Morty: (out of girl's earshot) Yeah, emersom big ole tits! They have me beggin' for buttermilk!
by jrubadub April 20, 2010
A southern word often used at the beggining of a sentence to point out the signifigance of an item or object. Can be used in a negative or positive meaning.
Emersom big hooters on Marybeth.
Emersom nasty lookin' boots you got.
by Tonya Shelton August 04, 2006
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