A terrifying creature that comes out to play in the evening. Usually has greasy skin and is heaving because it is gasping for air into its lungs. This creature tends to feed off the drama that surrounds its life. It knows it is hideous and self concious so it seeks thrills off of giving people STDS and having a squeaky voice that annoys all that hears it. A creature that usually only has a lifespan of about 65 years. Usually fat and mates with other fat elysia lovers. A creature that will rip the soul right from your body. A creature that will stalk you in the night.
That Elysia scared the shit out of me last night!
by ihatecferselysia October 13, 2010
Top Definition
The girl that everyone stops and stares at in the hall ways at school. No one can resist. Especially Dark haired blue eyed boys.
"I just can't stop... staring at Elysia"

"My dark hair goes with her name, Elysia"

by The hood ;) February 26, 2009
Elysia is a fictional location in the Cthulhu mythos. It is the legendary homeland of the Elder Gods.

Elysia exists in an alternate dimension, and is where all the Elder Gods dwell in peaceful coexistence. It is infinitely vast and may not be entered without the approval of the Elder Gods themselves. Reaching Elysia is possible yet extremely difficult.

Gender: Female

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blissful Sweetness

Pronunciation: Elysia is eh-loo-see-ah in Greek, the Y being said as in the French 'rue'. Most people don't know Greek, so the usual English take on it is 'eh-lee-see-ah'

Common mis-pronunciations: eh-lee-sha, eh-lisi-a, eh-lye-shuh, el-iz-ya, el-se-uh.

-sia is pronounced - 'see-a' not 'sha'
Elysia is blissfully sweet.

by Konrad Higgins February 22, 2006
1. A place or condition of ideal happiness; paradise.

2. From Greek Mythology, the Elysian Fields. The resting place for those favored by the Gods when the die.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
The Indie Queen. Rules over everyone else with her long wavy hair and music taste that's unknown to everyone. Likes to try deny being in an attempt to make herself more indie
"Elysia is the most Indie person I know"
by AdventureOwl September 13, 2012
Elysia - Noun - The best friend someone could have. Side effects include: Allergies to everything, prone to injuries and illnesses, dwarfism and the inability to drive.

Always helpful and willing to do anything for you.
My best friend Elysia and I, were...

I wish all my friends were like Elysia

I love Elysia!
by captaincanada1111 November 01, 2011
Elysia is a 5-piece Deathcore band from Sacramento, California. Originally called Elysium's Revenge, the band was started in 2003 while the members were just freshmen and sophomores in high school. Since 2003, they have released 2 EPs and one full album, and have had 2 US tours despite almost constant lineup changes, and almost breaking up completely a few times. Having settled into a more solid lineup, the band has currently finished writing there second album "Lions Of Judas" and it is set for 6/10/08.

Elysia has many notable songs in the hardcore scene.

Triumph - "My Thumbs Are In Your Eyes, And They Keep Fucking Pushing"

Filthy - "Dig A Ditch, And Bury The Bitch"

Incinerate - "Who's The Fucking Faggot Now"
by Josh Bentley April 06, 2008
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