A very beautiful girl usually blonde with blue eyes very petite that when young in there age are very promiscuous and boy crazy because so many hang and run for her but at thee end of the day she is to smart for them all and usually settles with one. She loves and cares with all her hart and soul for the guy she has chosen to settle with at each present time and gives every relationship her all as she is a hard worker and smarter then the average person. But through her life she will have followers everywere she goes and everyone will be her bitch because she i so quick on her feet and sure of herself as noone else is and they will always try to fight for that special place in her hart but most will never succeed because theres already one person who has that and he might be killed one day for it.Oh elysia what is it about you that makes everyone look like a fool!
tom: Wow i feel like i've been seduced beat up and loved like never befor in my life all at once
Jebediah: Yea man elysia
by Marshmellowmatters May 20, 2013
A stylish wine and tapas bar situated in Victoria Point QLD. Has a very broad spectrum of alcohol predominantly top shelf. This however never seems to be sold as the majority of patrons are bogans or cashed up wannabe metrosexuals that are convinced that smirny double blacks and JD stubbies are the best way to get pissed. A great place to pick up sluts on a Friday/Saturday night, this is made easier for the comin patron as the management give out a SHITLOAD of free piss to young girls with short skirts and visible cleavage. Total mismanagement will cause this place to eventually crumble into non-existence
pissed bogan.1 hey bra the tavern is shut at like fukn 9pm
pissed bogan.2 thats okay cunt, lets go smash some jager bombs and cocktails over at the elysium

drunk metro.1 hey bro lets go pick up some drunk sluts at elysium tonight
drunk metro.2 *flicks fringe* yeh man the boss there loves me and gives me free piss allllll the time hey
by imdaman-vp-town May 27, 2010
Derived from the "Elysian Fields" (Roman) and "Elysium" (Greek) in Greek Mythology referring to a Paradise where mortals related to the Gods, chosen by the Gods, the righteous and heroes would spend a blessed and happy life after death. Also a name given by a father to his daughter using the variant spelling Elicia. Written about by the poet Homer in the Odyssey; Virgil in Aeneid; and, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night among others. Referred to in the movie Gladiator when Russell Crowe as Maximus declares "If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysia, and you're already dead!" " Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity." The movie ends with Maximus running his hands through the wheat in the Elysian Fields as he goes to meet his wife and child who were taken from him.
Alpha: Have you been to Elysia?
Omega: I've seen Elysia, I know what Paradise is but I was made to leave.
Alpha: Maybe you are not chosen by the Gods and you are not righteous. Maybe you carried with you too many secrets and in Elysia there are no secrets only truth, honesty, loyalty, honor, valor, respect, altruism and ah yes...LOVE.
by AlphaRomeo* December 07, 2013
A terrifying creature that comes out to play in the evening. Usually has greasy skin and is heaving because it is gasping for air into its lungs. This creature tends to feed off the drama that surrounds its life. It knows it is hideous and self concious so it seeks thrills off of giving people STDS and having a squeaky voice that annoys all that hears it. A creature that usually only has a lifespan of about 65 years. Usually fat and mates with other fat elysia lovers. A creature that will rip the soul right from your body. A creature that will stalk you in the night.
That Elysia scared the shit out of me last night!
by ihatecferselysia October 13, 2010
A guild that focused on playing World of Warcraft on the American PVP Realm of Blackrock.
Man Elysium was the best guild Blackrock ever saw. Why don't they re-form for the expansion?
by Falas November 27, 2006
The sweetest girl alive that will forgive Johnny for anything he has done :)
Elysia is so forgiving.
by AppleCow August 29, 2003
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