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Gorgeous woman, incredibly sexy, and so very hot. Takes good care of her boyfriend and will move across the country to live with him.
Did you see that Elysa? Damn, she's hot. Someone's incredibly lucky. Prolly a Shawn.
by yousurelyknowwholovesyou February 03, 2010
60 20
super cool Bostonian bitch who is super proskillit and drinks like a giraffe.
she also likes swimming and hurts limbs ALOT!!
oh and she is friends with amanda the maliboomer who is ten times cooler and she is proskillit too but she drinks like a zebra and loooovvvveeeesss ice hahaha.
and they both love photobooth and like to make random movies....

ok so one day elysa and amanda were swimming and they threw ice at each other and were being cool
by LLLOOOVVVEEE March 13, 2008
23 47