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An Ellis is a gorgeous boy, usually brown-haired, but it doesn't matter. An Ellis also has a massive cock, and all the girls want him. Can't forget that he's also quite a bit of a cunt, but everyone wants to be his fuck-buddy anyway, because he's an Ellis, and an Ellis is good at sex also.
Person: Oh my god, Ellis, can we please fuck?

Ellis:'re not that attractive, but sure, hop on! *flicks hair*
by asdfghjklsheldon July 29, 2012
111 54
A name for a beautiful girl with ocean blue eyes and a kickass personality. Elli's are also known to have nice perfectly sculpted asses. Elli's can be scarcastic and mean, but beneath their tough exterior is a loveable vivacious soul.
jimmy: that girl is mean, but she has a nice ass.

larry:Nah, thats elli, you just have to get to know her, she's really loveable.

tom:yea, im going to marry her.
by oceaneyes3123 October 18, 2011
76 21
Someone from L4D 2 that is bad ass!
Ellis-"One time the army bombed my buddy Keith. He didnt bother lookin' at the warning sign."
Rochelle-"Ellis can this wait?"
by John coolness February 24, 2011
112 71
The most beautiful and fun girl I've ever met, she's amazing in every way, she's popular among all people and deserves the best the world can give, I love you Ellis <333
Ellis: Hey :)

Me: Oh my god Ellis!!!!!!!! <333333
by SammySamSams August 23, 2009
131 95
Taking a massive copenhagen dip, approximately a 1/4 to a 1/2 a can
i just took a huge ellis
Im ellising right now
by rerris March 15, 2008
134 113
The guy who hates being K'd and reli should be called steve. He also calls people small
person 1 "Oh hey ellis"
Ellis "Its steve."
person 1 "k"
Ellis *crys*
by likeaG6.likeaG6 January 01, 2012
32 20
An ellis is a complicated creature that originates in northern eastern england preferably sunderland, the ellis is a creature of habbit and its usually found in desolate places such as hills and used mills, the ellis is a sexual predator and has around 100 sexual partners by the time it reaches early 20's the ellis' main meal consists of bella brusco but its main priority is to consume unmeasurable amounts of alcholic substances such as vodka e.g glens
"David attenborough has travelled many years to find the ellis but has failed to find her as she is a rare creature"
"Ellis was on the session tonight so you can imagine there was a few blarzys tossed around"

"The youth better watch out cos ellis is about"
by theboyo623569 October 23, 2013
3 3