Former attorney general of New York State known for being tough on criminal activities on wall-street, prostitution rings and other corrupt activities. Elected as governor of New York in 2006 by a wide margin. Unfortunetely got involved in solicitation of prostitution and resigned as governor after serving only 16 months of his term. Seen as a huge hypocrite by many.
by Ryan F.... March 12, 2008
Top Definition
1) The money shot of self-ruination.
2) A mixture of stroked Guvner's juice and chilled soda.
1) Jeffrey brought his coworker Ashley home during their lunch hour, but finished with an Elliot Spitzer and a nap. His wife Sally came home and gave him only enough time to grab his shaving kit and box of porn.

2) Seacrest tallied up the votes, and declared Elliot Spitzer delicious!
by wisk March 13, 2008
If proven to be guilty, Elliot Spitzer will be brought down by the very system he helped create. Spitzer thought of himself as a crusader for the people.

Spitzer was accused of having relations with a high dollar call girl ashley dupre while holding the governors office of the state of New York.

Spitzers time in politics was spent primarily in fixing the morale issues Americans faced such as the mortgage industry, Wall St and (ironically) prostitution.

Little is known about the alleged sexual relationship between Dupre and Spitzer but I know I sure cant wait.
See also: scum bag, hypocrite, worlds biggest asshole, bitch, fuck up, john, dick head, inmate, gonna get raped in prison, please use lube.... LOL ELLIOT SPITZER
by Agntagnt March 16, 2008
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