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1. A exceedingly rare breed of musician, known to play the Euphonium. 2. Very elusive, the Ellam can only be coaxed out of hiding by fiddle and it's mating call, "Smell'am, Ellam". 3. Known to hide in cave dwellings and basements, an Ellam is a breeder and will multiply if an infestation is left alone.
Yea, it's official, you have Ellam's, let me just see how bad it is... Oh yea it's bad the Ellam's have started to harmonize.
by The Original Italian Stallion October 16, 2010
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A unit in which beauty is measured. Named after the most beautiful person in the world, unit is used in a decimal context. To be the most beautiful person in the world one would have to read 1.0 on the Ellam scale.
A: "Did you see that girl over there, she's so pretty!"
B: "Nah, she's only 0.1 Ellams."
by FlexForMe March 20, 2012

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